Sunday, July 1, 2012

Staple Pieces: Part 1

So it's been a while.  I do have an excuse though.  We just went through one of the biggest moves of our lives.  So between the packing, the moving, the unpacking and adjusting, things just sort of slipped through the cracks.  That thing called life, such a drag right?;P  Anyway, I am getting back on the horse, and to start I am doing a new segment on this blog about staple pieces.

When I think about staple pieces a lot of possibilities come to mind from a dress to a hair accessory, it's all in the versatility of the piece.  If it can be worn with several different outfits then you know you have a winner.  Sometimes this means splurging a little.  That's okay!  If it's a piece that is going to support a lot of cheaper pieces then in the end it will be worth it.

My example today is the swimsuit (if you couldn't already tell).  Your going to wear your swimsuit all summer, and fingers crossed on retaining our body sizes, probably several summers.  I used to buy cheap swimwear and it didn't pay off.  I would be uncomfortable all summer and for what?  So that I could save fifty dollars that I eventually would end up paying anyway to replace the swimsuit the following summer?  So this year I bit the bullet and went for the swimsuit I REALLY wanted.  This blue velvet beauty from Modcloth is amazing.  I love the feeling of it.  It's sturdy, thick and ultra chic.  Whoever thought of using velvet in swimsuit is my new hero.  I also love how flattering it is with the ruching at the torso. Of course the vintage feeling doesn't hurt either.

What do you do for summer?  Do you go cheap?  If you do make a goal to go big next time, you might as well get something you really want since you'll be spending the better part of your days in it or just trying not to look too awkward at the next swim party;).


 I am linking this post up with Mandy at Harper's Happening's Stepp'n out Saturday (when she posts it;P).  It fits because this was about how we spent our Saturday.  We were able to go out and meet my friend for some swimming at her pool.  Lucy came too so I have to show off her cute swimsuit from Target.  She also paired her chic ensamble with bright pink kitty rain boots (also from target).

What can I say, my daughter's starting early. I'm sure after this all the two year olds will wear their rain boots to the pool;P


  1. ah! I love it! So jealous! I got a nice swimsuit from downeast but I feel it's a little too snug but I don't want to return it, so I wear it under a cover up thing. Is that sad? Oh well. Someday...years from now, I will actually fit it!
    p.s.- you look fabulous!

  2. Love your suit! I have an issue with my torso being too long so I can't find one pieces that come up high enough (or stay up) on my boobs. I have to find halter tops and tie them really tight, but that just hurts by the end of the day :( When I'm thinner I'm OK with tankinis, but I'm afraid my stretch marks are going to peek out, lol.

  3. worried grandma remark: remember that boots fill up with water and weight a person down..whatever happened to wetsox? LOVE your suits! Wish I could have seen them in ACTION!!!!