Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It’s like I had a baby or something...

I have to admit for the last little while every time I would think about blogging my initial reaction to the thought would be that maybe I should just give it up entirely.  But lately I have been thinking about why I have this blog.  I love sharing about my projects in style and d├ęcor.  I need an outlet so I am officially back and more determined than ever to keep up with this, because darn it, it’s fun! 

It’s fitting that I share with you all the projects I’ve been doing to keep my sanity with a newborn, poor weather, and life’s many changes as of late.  First up our master bed:

I did this while my husband was on one of his business trips, the sheets are amazingly comfy as is the comforter, my goal with this was to make it as comfortable as it was beautiful and I think I achieved it.  Then, because we don’t have a headboard yet I did these two canvas’ to anchor the bed.  The writing is a couple verses from our song (“Such Great Heights” by Iron and Wine”).  I hand painted it and it’s imperfection gives it a perfect look!  Our room is a work in progress with furniture, my husband has plans to make our side tables and drawers this summer but until then at least the bed is a hit;)

I made a little pad for my vanity chair:

Next, Lucy’s reading nook!  I found this magazine rack at TJ Max.  It had the ugliest finish on it, like they were trying to achive a pho rusting and it ended up looking like a sloppy cheeta print.  So I sprayed it white, hung it by the bed and filled it with her favorite books.  Then I took some huge throw pillows we used to use on our futon (back in our not so long ago school days) and made these slip covers:

I figured since they’ll be used to sit on I should make them removable for cleaning.  The other pillows are some extras I had from what came with our couch and one I found at Ross not to long ago.  Then, because my beef with pillows on a wood floor is that they always slip everywhere I bought a rubber mat, usually used for stabilizing rugs and put it in the corner (3 bucks at Ross, that’s the place to buy them!) 

I already had the ballon and clouds up there and I think they provide the perfect accessory for this whimsical area (plus baby sis loves to come read with us because she can stare at the clouds endlessly;).

Last, and not least is Lucy’s quite book-mini.  I noticed that her other quiet book, though awesome, is not quite pocket sized enough for church.  So I made this one, it seriously took me a day, which in mom time means very little time between keeping kids alive and happy.  It was a lot of fun, I loved coming up with the pages and (Bonus) I didn’t spend a cent on this thing since it was entirely made from scraps in my fabric and crafting supply. 

So now that I am caught up don’t expect me to disappear for another five months, I’ve got things to say and projects to brag about share with ya’ll.  Be excited…