Friday, July 27, 2012

"Extender Slip" Magic

One day when wandering around on Pinterest, I came across this awesome tutorial that showed how to make an "extender slip".  I always have this problem where I find the perfect dress, it has the sleeves that I like, it's got a great neckline, the price is great... it's just a little too short!  It can get so expensive to put trim around the bottom of every skirt you own (yes, I've tried that before) so this little baby is perfect for making a lot of dresses buyable for me.

Click on the Photo so you can see it better!
(Dress: Gap $17, Earrings: Gift, Necklace: Apricot Lane Boutique $18, Braided Sash: Fred Myers, came with a random dress so kind of $0, Shoes: Urban Outfitters $8, Little Helper who put her shirt on backwards: Priceless;)

I altered her version a little by using an eyelet with a gather in it so that it had more of a petticoat effect.  I also sewed it in three layers for those skirts that are more than just a little too short.  This dress from the gap works perfectly with the extender slip.  I don't have to worry about showing too much and I can be comfortable while still looking chic! Try it out!


  1. I just found a tute for that the other day too! Super cute

  2. Great idea! Except I can't sew... haha. I might have to try that out though, I'm really not liking that everything is either mini or maxi right now (I'm too short for the maxi).