Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Fourth Fashion

Thought I would share my fourth of July look! I decided to have some bright color blocking with my bright turquoise shorts and blue striped shirt.  I then paired it with a red bow hair clip and my running of the bull shoes that my brother brought me from Spain.  To top it off I sported bright red lip stain, bringing in a "USO girl" look.  It sure put me in the spirit of the day!  I felt very patriotic, although the shoes were a little confused as to what country they were standing for;) 

(shirt and shorts: old navy, Hair clip: hand made {by me}, shoes: Spain somewhere;)


  1. Very cute, I'm jealous of those shoes!

  2. Aren't those from the festival of St. Fermin? (running of the bulls)? Pamplona! I'm glad they fit you!!! Sorry to have missed your Fourth of July..we were on top of a VERY high mountain and saw the light shows from at least 5 cities at once in Utah...(which ceremony we shared with a drowsy least we kept checking on HIM...but there could have been more..we were too tired to move...)