Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrift it! Thrift it good....

Thrifting, if you don’t, do.   I love to go to the thrift store (caution: this post may lead you to buy an array of things you don’t need but are still distinctly awesome!).  When I find a good thrift store it’s like finding a treasure trove.  I must get this from my dad, who used to go to yard sales on Saturdays and come home with things that made my mom stifle a scream;P.  A good thrift store is usually the type to get a lot of the estate liquidations, maybe in an older but nicer area.
I am going to switch gears here for a moment but don't worry, it applies.  My mom is an amazing seamstress, and growing up I used to watch her sew and tried to have her teach me about fifty times.  Usually it just ended in a drooling nap with my mom taking over my project since I wasn't getting it done.  I even took a décor sewing class in college but had yet to put any of my skills to the test .  
One thing that kept me from sewing a lot was the depressing realization that sometimes buying the fabric to make something cost more than to buy the thing itself.  This realization appealed to my realist side and I found myself holding back.  That is until I discovered thrifted fabrics!  I love buying thrifted fabrics.  I have a hard time not buying everything in the fabric section when I go.  Not only do I find cool vintage prints but I have also found a lot of bulk fabrics in plain colors for lining or complimenting bright fun patterns.  Not to mention the sheets and pillow cases I have purchased that will become adorable dresses for Lucy! 

{this is a Pillow case dress I made for Lucy last fall, everything on this outfit, besides the undershirt, is thrifted, total cost $2}

For the last year or so I had been doing easier projects that didn't need a pattern (pillow case dresses, circle skirts, simple skirts, etc). Last November I used my first pattern.  I have been loving it ever since.  

So I took some photos of just some of the thrifted fabrics I have obtained, a lot of them I have already started putting into use, but because I am a perfectionist I want to take good pictures of my projects before I show them off on here;P
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  1. fabrics are my favorite stuff to snatch up. i feel like so few are on the hunt for it. i always grab a bundle or two every time i go.

  2. very pretty fabric! i love the one with the blue and green flowers.

  3. I LOVE the idea of a pillow case dress. Maybe we should make a sheet dress for us :-)

  4. Oh man I love vintage linens. I feel the same way about finding a new little thrift store, and it being like a treasure trove! Love the pillow case dress =)