Saturday, March 10, 2012

Goodbye sweet layers...

We’ve interrupted your usually stimulating and informative posts to bring you this message: Spring is Coming!!!!  But before I say farewell to the frozen tundra that I live in I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about losing my excuse to layer.  Anyone else?  So I’ve decided to dedicate this posts to those layers I am about to put away until next year.
{hat-American Eagle $3, Jacket- Rue21 $12, Gloves- Forever21$3, Shirt-thrifted (found in a random hippie shop in Minnesota where they sold hundreds of baja pullovers and everything smelled like marijuana, including this shirt, thankfully it came out;) $10, Jeans- old navy$15, boots- gift, no makeup= one of those days}

First there’s my boots:  I have been switching between my Minnetonka moccasins and MIA caramel leather boots since I got them for Christmas and they have been my babies!  The MIA boots work great with any pant, I even tucked my grey slacks into them and it gave it that riding pant feel.  My moccasin boots are best paired with a tighter pant and a higher rise on a shirt or a shorter button down, I love how I feel in them, so edgy. 

*A little bit of background because you might notice that a lot of my shoes were purchased this year around the holidays.  My rotation for all my shoe needs happened to land at the same time so my Christmas this year consisted of shoes, shoes and more shoes.  Can’t complain about that!

Now we come to my coat.  This was my Christmas present from my mom just over a year ago.  We went into Rue21 and found this baby for a very cheap price.  When we came upon it the coat was missing a few of it’s buttons so we were able to talk it down to an even lower amount than it was already on clearance for.  When we moved to Denver, CO last year around that time I found some fun buttons at an amazing vintage fabric store to replace the missing ones and it really became mine.  I call it my “Black Parade” coat (My Chemical Romance anybody?). 

A fun story on my “bum” gloves.  I have been addicted to fingerless gloves for about the last five years and always keep my eyes open.  I found these ones at a Forever21 in Spokane, WA.   They were the last pair ($3) and as I bought them the girl at the counter groaned, saying that she was going to buy them.  Sorry. 

My hat is way on sale American Eagle and it’s nice to have a hat that actually keeps my head warm while looking good.  I also love the read color; there is something about this red knit with threads of blue that intrigues me lately. 

So I am torn about spring rearing it’s big beautiful head because I am going to miss my good ‘ol reliables.  You’ve been great and I will not forget you, we will make sure to mark your bin in large legible print! 

I am linking up with Wonder Forest's Selfie Saturday, theme props, I consider layers to be a prop;)


  1. nice deals! you are so adorable and beautiful!

  2. awesome layering ;)
    i'm gonna miss bundling up in layers too. sometimes it's hard when summer comes because you can OVER layer and be uncomfortably hot. :( still, i'm glad the sun has been warming up this place lately.
    xo dana

  3. Yeah, you know there really IS something about bum gloves that makes a girl just love them!