Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Everyday Me.

Who has the time, energy, or lifestyle to dress up everyday as a stay at home mom?  Not me.  I mean, can you see me chasing around my daughter or doing dishes wearing a silk blouse and trousers?  Does a janitor dress in formal wear?  Nope. 

This doesn’t mean, however, that I need to wear sweats everyday.   Are there some days that I do?  You bet!  Mainly though I like to keep a semblance of humanity in the way I dress.  I haven’t given up yet and I sure won’t surrender through my clothing. 
So what do I wear when I’m not going out to the store, or out for enjoyment?  I love to have a perfect balance between style, femininity, comfort, and washability. 

Generally during these winter months I have gone with a simple button down shirt, loose enough that I don’t get the “boob gap” but darted in enough to remind me that I do have curves.  Rolling up the sleeves gives me more movement and comfort.   I pair this with some looser fitting skinny jeans and usually some slippers (if it’s cold enough to require it).  I may not do my makeup everyday (mostly it just gets hard on my skin) but I always make sure I am at least clean and tidy looking and my hair is kept. 
 (slipper/knitted socks-hippie store in minnesota, handmade $10, Shirt- American Eagle $10, Jeans- Old Navy (diva skinny) $15)

This way, when my husband comes home at the end of the day he isn’t being greeted by the homeless woman he doesn’t remember marrying;)

I don’t want my readers feeling daunted or overwhelmed by the thought of achieving a more stylish you.  I want you to understand that life happens and your wardrobe needs to be conducive to your lifestyle.  Even if it requires going to the office everyday, it has to work for you.  Always have a degree of respect for how you look because there can be a middle ground.  We all have our days that end in sweats and greasy hair but if we can keep ourselves human for most of the time, we will maintain our dignity.  It DOES matter what you think about how you look, because it will eventually seep into your inner motivations and self esteem. 

I am all about style, but I am also a mom and a homemaker, which comes with a degree of humility in the way I dress.   I will always strive to have a sense of style through it all but I have to be realistic.  A mom’s care tag should always read: Machine Washable, tumble dry.  If it didn’t we would be damaged, shrunken, tattered messes!


  1. :) cute pictures

  2. I agree! I don't think I dress up for anyone but myself anymore...but I can't be afraid to look at the mirror...cause, dang! -- you can only crack so many mirrors ;-) Thanks Ash for the advice!

  3. I agree with this and laughed because your outfit in this post looks a lot like what I wear everyday, down to the "hippie" slippers from Minnesota! :)