Monday, March 5, 2012

"That is so You!"

I’ve always had mixed feelings about this phrase.  Standing in a store with one of my friends as they held an item up to me accompanied by this expression, my inner interpretation was “this is something I would never wear but you would…cause you’re crazy”. But this is not (always;) the case.
I hope that I will have an effect on my readers.  That you will be motivated and armed with information to change your clothing choices to better fit your life and body (as well as budget).  But in the process I also want clothing to become a way of expression.  In other words, I don’t ever want “you” to go away (unless that “you” is a bag lady than we might have bigger issues to tackle).  It’s important that clothing be comfortable in that it feels like something you picked out and is a proper expression of you, not a copy of someone else. 
For example, one of my favorite fashion icons is Zooey Deschanel (no kidding;) but there are things that she wears that I wouldn’t because they aren’t a reflection of me but of her.  I still think she looks great in them, but I would feel like I was wearing someone else’s clothes if I wore some of the clothing she sports. 
So what am I saying?  You need to find your medium.  What is it that draws you in, and what do you want to express through your clothing.  If you are cheery and love bright colors, do bright colors.  If you are more sullen and dramatic it’s okay to do a lot of dark.  Just do it right.  Don’t go with bright pastels or don’t wear all black.  Go for more flattering jewel tones or dark shades.  Use the rules in combination with your personality.  It’s all about finding an appropriate and flattering balance. 
I am an artist, I am feminine, and I am a bit of a geek. That said I don’t wear tunics, doilies and Urkel pants.
You can also look to the things that inspire you like music, nature, or even the area you live in.   For me it has always been a bit of a southwestern vibe, the turquoise, the burnt colors and the overall Native American influence has always fascinated me.
I know that in my last post I talked about pleasing someone else (my husband) with my clothing choices.  That is such a rare occasion though, which is why I’ve had to perfect the process before I went way overboard in trying to please someone else.  This is why finding a balance was important.  “Beeee yourself” as the genie would say, otherwise you will get lost. 
So I hope you have evaluated your bodies already.  If you haven’t or missed the post go here and think about it, because now I want you to evaluate your style.  Think about those things that you are inspired by and what you want to reflect (don’t feel too nerdy about making a list, this could help a lot!).  It’s so important to get out of your comfort zone when you get into a clothing rut, this doesn’t mean going to the moon.  Go to a place that is between you and the moon.  It may be “so you” but in a good, flattering, appropriate way!

 (Sweater, shade shirt and jeans: Old Navy $6, $5, $15 (day after Christmas sale baby!), Shoes: Minnetonka/Gift $59, Earrings: Rue21$1)

Important notes on this outfit: Any length of boot will cut off your legs so don't wear a shirt that is too long or the length of your leg will be lost.  If paired with a skirt make sure it is a shorter skirt with tights or a maxi that covers the "cankles" these boots will give you.  This shirt was bordering on too long but when I saw what it was doing I scruntched it up a bit and it fixed the problem!  If you have a long button up on you can just tie it in the front to bring it up and give more interest and show of your natural curve!


  1. Ok really this is just starting to get ridiculous! You look too cute in everything. I mean that is the point and you don't have pictures of when you are in sweats or whatever but i don't look like that everyday. Maybe that is why i need you more then i thought. I am clueless!

    P.s i don't think we can be seen together anymore!
    J/K i love you!

  2. This is so YOU!;) I never heard that called a "shade-shirt".. Did you scrunch the shirt with elastic on the sides? ( I ALWAYS wanted to DO that!) You look great,BTW.

  3. awesome advice! you are adorable too

  4. Yay, I can comment from my computer now :) These posts literally do make me lol, they are so fun! You're doing a great job!!! Love it :)

  5. I know what you mean when you say, dress like yourself! I kind of like a punk look--especially Scottish plaids--mixed with a classy look. I bought a completely inappropriate plaid sun shirt spaghetti strap type thing (okay, I can't describe it), but I sewed it so it was shorter on the torso and sew/ pinned the back (even though, yes, I'm not a sewer) to go in at the skinnier part of my back. And now I wear it (and similar pieces) over my shirts (which no one used to do, but I see more of now). Anyway, no one would ever know that it was meant for a COMPLETE punk. But yes, when mixed with a classier style, it just feels like it's me!