Friday, September 13, 2013

Function over Form

When we were looking for a house there were two things I was battling over with myself, did I want more function or form?  We realized early on in our hunt that with our price range and in order to stay in a good neighborhood, we would have give up one or the other.  As much as it hurt me with my artistic senses to do it, I gave up on form.  The beautiful hundred-year-old homes would have to wait until we had enough money to bring our open flow and modern conveniences to them.  

We actually got really lucky and found a beautiful newer home with the open flow that we needed and all of our other checklist items.  It may be a doppelgänger for most of the houses in our neighborhood and builder grade but it meets our needs beautifully! I am so happy with the choice we made. 

The fixtures are good enough to live with, but they aren’t too good that I feel bad replacing them as we see fit.  We’ve set many updating goals for the next few years but it’s nice that we don’t have to feel rushed to do it because everything still looks and works nicely in the meantime. 

The house is also a great fit for our growing family.   It won’t be outgrown easily and should hold us comfortably for at least the next ten years if not more!

I feel extremely fortunate that we were able to get both form and function in our new home.  Anytime I see a beautiful turn of the 20th century home I just have to remind myself that had we gone with one it would have had a choppy layout and oppressively pressing updates to be done, not a good fit for our family. 

Sitting in our home last night felt amazing!  It feels like a functional and beautiful home.  Not just a house, a Home.  Even with most of the dĂ©cor still in “style-board form” ;)  I admit that I've gotten a little lazy in my blog updates (instagram is evil!)  This week though I am going to start posting projects and rooms as they're completed so be excited and stay "tuned"!;)


  1. you have a beautiful home! yeah! enjoy!

  2. Congrats Home-Owner. That is so exciting and it looks like a beautiful home.