Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Forest Mobile {side note: We bought a house!}

So... WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!  It's made me a little MIA this last month but I am going to be clogging up your blog feed after we start decorating, so really I'm just giving you a breather so you can be prepared for the awesome-ness!  Our house is a blank canvas with all white walls so first order of business is painting!  I may or may not have style boards and paint swatches already being narrowed down (because... well, it's me;).  Also, I've lived with white walls renting for far too long and now it's time for some color baby!

That being said, I made this mobile for the nursery, can you guess what the overall feel will be?

I want to make it very unisex so I am going to have a woodsy and very neutral color scheme with some girly accessories for miss June while she's in there;)

I made this using this tutorial and inspiration from this fantastic mobile here.

Pretty cute, huh?  I think so, and so does June;)

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