Friday, September 27, 2013

Woodland Nursery Love!

Our house was one big white box when we moved in.  After living in rentals for the last decade of my life I am done with white walls and not being able to paint.  When we moved in I kind of threw up a bunch of basic design for each room (paint, furniture, maybe a couple pictures).  Now that everything is  far from white, I am making my way through each room and defining it's style.  The nursery is the only room close to done (there's still a couple things I would like to do: upholstered rocker before we have another baby, painting some furniture, but nothing too pressing).

I wanted to keep the nursery very neutral so that we can move a boy in there (if that ever happens) with only minor changes to linens.  Honestly, when Lucy was born I wanted very neutral bedding but everything I got was pink (and who was I to be picky about it?!) I picked a very soft and creamy beige called "sienna dust" for the walls.  It is so perfect for that light and airy feeling I wanted.  It also gives a beautiful contrast to my cream colored birch trees...

Wondering how I did the trees on the walls?  This next week I'll be posting a tutorial so stay "tuned"!

If I had to sum up this room in one word it would be precious.