Friday, September 28, 2012

Dressing the Eggo...

So.... I will always be the first to admit when I was mistaken (not that it happens very much;P).  I take back what I said about maternity pants, they are made so much better now!  When I was pregnant with Lucy they were terrible, the skinny maternity pant didn't even exist. 

But now, with the invention of Jeggings they have made maternity jeans that feels like pajama pants, they are that comfortable!  They are also a little thicker that jeggings which helps me feel more secure.  I love the full panel, personally.  My beef with my normal pants was that they were starting to bunch uncomfortably underneath my belly, even with the belly band, making many day to day things hard.  My photoshoots and editing...yeah it was becoming a pain!

I was so stubborn this pregnancy that I would wear sweats around the house and wait until the last possible moment before doning jeans to go do errands.  Maxi dresses saved me lately but now that it's getting into the colder months I need to cover my legs;) The pride had to come down.  So thank you to the inventor of the jeggings and to maternity stores everywhere for embracing them, you have truly helped me maintain my style while being huge!

This belly still has a few more months to go, can you believe it?!  I figure my little June girl will just have to get a little more crowded because I don't think I have anymore stretch left in me (saying a little prayer that I remain stretch mark free!).  I still have yet to buy any maternity shirts.  That, I believe I can get away with but only Siths speak in absolutes (I am married to a nerd, these quotes are bound to slip out ever so often, don't judge;).  


  1. They have definitely improved, especially from the 6+ years ago when I had Isaiah. I actually broke down and bought designer jeans while I was pregnant with Emmett because they just fit the best (thanks, but my thighs and cankles don't look good in skinny jeans, hahahah). I also had a decent pair of maternity leggings that I wore with regular sweater dresses and knee high boots, like what I wore in the newborn pictures you took :)

  2. nicely done! Aubrey kept saying "That's Luuzy! That's Luuzy!" ;) I will get her to pronounce it correctly one of these days

  3. Leggings or skinny jeans are so nice for boot weather too! I definitely took that into account when buying;) I loved yours Ashley! Haha, Sarah I love it, it's better than Lucy can do with her own name so I think she's okay. In fact today we told her to say goodbye to someone, so we said "say goodbye Lucy" and she said "goodbye Lugie!";P

  4. You look beautiful and tiny! Just an adorable belly. When are you due again? I love seeing your maternity style.

    1. ah, thanks Bekka. I am due December 22nd (saying a little prayer that she comes early enough not to be a Christmas baby;)

  5. We-l-l-l! I THINK this is the place where I appropriated your dad's plaid button-up shirts...and never looked back! Beware!