Sunday, September 30, 2012

Being a grown-up

With my husband working in the financial sector and life finally veering into the grown-up dimension I am faced with a hard question: How do I stay true to myself while fitting into this adult life?  The Answer: I let you know when I've figured it out.

My husband had his first professional get-together on Friday night and when I started thinking about what I was going to wear so many things crossed my mind.  Should I try and look like the women that he works with,  professional and financial?  Should I look like the wives of the men that he works with, powerful and classic?  Or should I just be myself, quirky and vintage (and slightly eccentric at times)?  Yes, I definetely over think these things.

Finally I decided that I would just be myself. Everyone would find that vastly more interesting then the version of me that tries to blend in.  I didn't do anything too crazy (mainly my prego wardrobe limits me a bit in that capacity) but I stayed true to myself.  I felt comfortable in my style, like I was on a date, not a stage.  My outfit and probably entire demeanor stuck out at the event but that was okay because it was for the right reasons.  Everyone there knew I was different; young, naive, creative and silly but it's better that they know the truth now then look at me and get a completely different message then they talk to me.

I know that I talk a lot about being yourself when it comes to dressing but I truly believe it.  It's crucial that we own who we are and feel like our clothing conveys the right message.  That message should always be one of self-respect and love for ourselves (which we always hope is the case) but beyond that it is our choice.

These photos were taken by my husband, you can always tell when he's behind the camera cause I get a bit sassy;)

  (top: old navy $12, undershirt: downeast outfitters $15, sweater: tabatha's boutique $30, jeans: motherhood maternity $35, shoes: delia's $20, bracelet: heirloom, Hair bow clip: forever21 $1)


  1.'s must be comfortable and true to yourself

  2. Before I read your answer I was going to say the same thing, just be yourself! You look great and your hair is fantastic!