Monday, November 12, 2012

The "Gus Gus Effect"

My sister calls this “the Smee”, but you get the picture.  I am getting to the attractive point in my pregnancy where I look like I should be demanding another beer from the couch;).  I am incredibly grateful that this time around my baby has dropped earlier.  This has provided me with my lungs again! On the other hand it has an effect that I didn’t have to deal with previously:  The low gut trying to make an appearance, as my shirt rolls it’s way up around the house for my daughter to point and laugh at (okay, maybe that’s in my head, but I wouldn’t blame her).  Don't worry, when I go out I make sure to wear my maternity pants and longer shirts. I’m not THAT pregnant woman…yet.   

But Ashley, why aren’t you just wearing larger shirts?  That’s a good question, and one that I would not have to answer if I kept on my laundry but, hey, I’m human too!  So what is my point?  I don’t really know except that I had to point out this funny part of pregnancy that isn’t always discussed in the higher circles of society.  Maybe to seek confirmation that I’m not alone in this disgusting world of the dipping tummy?   

Now, to show you that I haven’t completely given up on looking human, though I may not always feel it lately, here is some “dressing the ego” fun:

I got this sweater a million years ago at Ross because I loved the collar on it.  Unfortunately when I would wear it back in those days it made me look pregnant, enter a solution: I wear it while I’m pregnant!  I’m 35 weeks right now so I need all the volume I can get. This shirt provides!  

{Sweater: Ross $10, Shirt: Old Navy $12, Pants: Motherhood $35, Shoes: Minnetonka $55, Necklace: Urban Outfitters $gift, Snow: a cruel joke, it's only November!}


  1. I am tickled to see the humble phrase "That's not ME..yet"! I always looked askance at the GAIT of some pregnant women until I was brought up short during a party game we played (toward the end of my pregnancy with Justin-our tenth )
    The game was called "psychologist" wherein the "patient"was imitated by the rest of the party-goers...I FINALLY figured out it was ME when everyone was WADDLING!! ;)

  2. PS. You look FABULOUS,as always!