Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nursery Expo

Lucy's room is my playground for decorating.  Anything I think of doing I do, no filter necessary.  Sometimes this can get to looking a little strange but there is nothing I'm not willing to try in there so it yields some pretty surprises as well.  The trouble is that we are still renting so I am limited in what I can do.  Also, we will have her baby sister moving in there in a few short months so some of the arrangements will have to change.  Lastly, Lucy's room doubles as her toy room so not everything is to my aesthetic taste.  I am definitely excited for the day we are in our own place, but waiting until we can afford exactly what we want is definitely worth it right now.

Lucy's room is always a work in progress, there is so much going on that I need to consolidate and many things I want to add, but for now, here it is in all it's eclectic shabby chic glory!

The God Father's tactics would have had no effect on Lucy, she prefers to sleep with this horse head by her pillow.  It's actually her stick horse that she insists on sleeping with so he is constantly stuck between the dresser and her bed, otherwise she would bring the whole toy in if I let her.

The bedding set was from BJ's grandmother, it is my favorite, it was homemade by someone in his grandparent's senior's community and she won it in a raffle for charity.  I bought most of the artwork from thrift stores and real estate sales. The cute one bellow with the mommy pushing the buggy was one I picked up from an antique store in Oregon.  The coo coo clock is from Leavenworth,  WA (cutest little German town)

love needlepoint!

Some important pictures to include, especially a photo of Christ.  I picked this one out for Lucy because the little girl reminds me of her. 

This adorable chair was a Ross acquisition  I picked up the pillow from a place called Real Deals, one of my favorite decor stores that has locations in both my home town and here.

I still need to make a cover for the changing pad seen here, the one I had for Lucy is officially shot.  I have the fabric (a nice flannel, I find that's most comfortable for baby), now it's just about getting around to making it since this little guy is about to get used again and not just as a toy holder.  

I made this little clip holder out of chicken wire (which I spray painted pink), then glued into a frame from Hobby Lobby, so useful!

This shelf was a thrift find and just goes to show that you never know the full potential of an item.  It started off green with red apples.  I thought I could pop the apples off and fill the indent with whatever I wanted.  When I discovered I couldn't pop them off because they were carved in I covered them in scrapbook paper, aging the edges and it tuned out prettier then I could have imagined it would.  

This wall with the covered shelf is a bit of a place holder until June's crib goes in, that's why I've left the wall alone for now.  

I had some fun with it though, it's a little whimsical with the bird's nest in the covered pie plate (another thrift).  

The curtain is to hide Lucy's books and some of her bigger and bulkier toys

This balloon was a treasure find while thrifting (it wasn't marked and they gave it to me for a dollar!) I made the clouds from crafting foam with jigsaw slices, one in the bottom the other in the top to keep them locked.  Then I just used a crotchet, skinny yarn for the string.  I thought about doing clear fishing wire but I like the more whimsical look this gives. 

The mirror on the dresser is from my room growing up, not sure how many siblings it went through before that but it ended with me and I've always loved it.  The books are Eloiese Wilkins, I love her books and collect them for Lucy.  This sweet 3-D framed girl was another thrift (I'm seeing a pattern here;)  Lucy's dresser was five dollars at a yard sale, I replaced the top two drawer pulls with these jeweled pink ones from Joann's just to give it more interest.

I love this toy box that I purchased from a yardsale this summer.  In her closet I have one of my props turned storage container for shoes.

Ah yes, it's still her toy room, I have to be reminded of that;P The lovely painting is an original my parents bought me in Victoria B.C. when I was sixteen, I love it, and it goes well with her room, sweet and light.

Two Shel Silverstien poems that I took out and framed for Lucy's room.  I love his poems and his crude artwork.

While I was taking photos Lucy came in and had to remind me that this is her space by putting toys all over anything I was taking photos of;)  Here she is giving me her snotty face that she does when she knows I'm taking photos of her, such a pouty model sometimes;P

Peace out Amigos!


  1. I didn't know you like needlework! I'll have to make something for you once I'm done with all of my current promised projects, lol :)

  2. so cute! I love this room so much, and the horse head ;). You have great taste.

  3. So gorgeous! I love all the antique and pink!!!

  4. Oh, I LOVE it! I love how you DO things that the rest of us might see in a magazine or something, and think "this is SO impossible to achieve in the REAL world! Lucy is GREAT at grounding the photos, as well. "Beauty meets REALITY-chic!"

  5. Holy. Freakin. Cow. That's from a (slightly overwhelmed) mother of 5 boys. I'm so jealous right now. Now I'm going to go clean my basement and then have a wild dance party with the boys. Because that's about all I can do (except for the part about cleaning my basement). That looks absolutely amazing! You must be proud of all that hard work--it's just gorgeous!!